Multi-Mic Mallet Instruments

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Orchestral Wizardry

€249,90 €302,38 INCL VAT
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Retro Symphonics

€249,90 €302,38 INCL VAT
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Intimate phrase-based ensemble instruments for a personal sound.

€249,90 €302,38 INCL VAT
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Sotto X

Analog Synth Equivalents

€99,90 €120,88 INCL VAT
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Orchestral Strings

Divisi Orchestra Strings.

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Vivace Legacy

Full Orchestral Cinematic Textures & FX

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31% Off the Orchestral Bundle

Includes Ostinato Series, Phrase-based Orchestral Libraries,
Multi-Sampled Orchestral Libraries

40% Off All Instruments

Includes All Sonokinetic Libraries. Enrich your composing toolbox with expressive instruments.


Innovative and effective composing means our phrase-based instruments provide composers with a unique and refined palette of moods and colors. Elegant, intimate and detailed, our sound helps craft colorful soundtracks, epic blockbusting scenes, bone chilling horror and many filmic themes.

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