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Complete Collection

23 “Trailer Voice” thematic packages in one complete collection!

Voice-over cues for promos, trailers, event introductions, dvd and cd presentations, sports events, launches, epic entrances, teasers, world premieres, song enhancement and many, many more impressive narrative moments. If you need to make an impact, want to blow your audience away, make an everlasting impression on your clients, sweep all your competitors of their feet, or simply blow a hole in the theater’s roof. You should add some of the “Trailer Voice” by Sonokinetic to your productions.

“Trailer Voice” is a dedicated completely new collection of professional, highly unique and authentic voice-over cues. You won’t find a better selection of pre-recorded Movie Trailer voice-over cues for your next project anywhere. All scripts are custom written by an award-winning professional screenwriter and recorded by amazingly talented, trained and highly experienced Voice-Over Artists. This collection will rock your world. In our opinion,

‘Trailer Voice’ is an essential tool for creating powerful promos, teasers and trailers!

22.226x 44.1kHz 16Bit WAV Audio Files

5,4 GB Uncompressed audio

Romance (including Romantic-comedy)

Love is what drives us all. These romantic cues strike the heart with intense emotion.


The source for all stories; from the beginning of time to the apocalypse or the singularity collapsing, “Drama” will drive mankind’s imagination and create myths and sagas for future generations.

Thriller & Suspense

Scare your crowd, give them sleepless nights, haunt their dreams and fulfil their worst fears. Masterfully skilled and written with the precision of a scalpel, creeping suspense through the cracks of sinister tales.

Historical & Biography

Quotes by the greatest persons to ever walk the globe, those who made a stand in time and will linger eternally in human remembrance. Expect classic material like; Veni Vidi Vici, take ‘a giant leap for mankind’, ‘and God said it was good’


We will now take you on a magical quest, traveling through time and space, moving you in and out of history. These intense scripts and recordings are dedicated to the enchanting power of “the Journey”


Need to sell something? Need to capture the attention of your public? With “Branding”, you’ll have a wide pallet of highly usable quotes and advertisement lines to market your product and productions.


Everyone needs a hero! The mythical strength of one person against overwhelming powers, struggling to overcome destiny and prevail by conquering evil and destroying the dark side.


Can you imagine the power of the Gods? Travel to and from worlds of endless possibilities and enter the void where you can create new and amazing galaxies. Expand your creative minds and dive into the deep, dark vastness of the creative human mind.


Imagine the ultimate concept of all stories. Myths, sagas, legends and ancient storytelling all find their roots in the concept of the battles between good and evil, an epic collision between right and wrong, dark and light, the underworld and the heavens. Find yourself and struggle to decide which path to take or what side to choose. The fight goes on!


Larger than life experiences, covering majestic storylines and impressive sceneries. ‘Epicness’ to the max with these three voice expansion packs.


From the mountain Olympus, these ancient inspired fables will rock your public to its core. With the power of the gods and their voices, this expansion pack offers you a broad generic mythological-inspired script.


From outer space, these Trailer Voices ‘beam you up’, shoot you through galaxies and transport you through eons of time. From the abandoned Alien ship to an adventurous new world, “Sci-Fi” scripts cover the science fiction you’re looking for.

Jasen Anthony

All Themes (BRITISH excluded)

Jon James

All Themes (BRITISH excluded)

Jessie Gillman

Drama, Conflict, Romance,Family, Fantasy Heroic, Historical, Journey & Horror

Charles Kahlenberg

All Themes (BRITISH excluded)

Debbie Munro

Trailer Voice Toolkit

Aaron E Tucker

Trailer Voice Toolkit

Peter Baker

All British Themes

Paul Bassett Davies

Script Writer

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