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Ibrido Favola

Hybrid Cinematic Sound Design


44.1kHZ - 24 Bit

4.51GB NCW Format

Royalty and copyright free content license


Programmed for Kontakt 6.4.2 and up & Komplete Kontrol, also compatible with the Free Kontakt Player

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Instrument Patches

Native Instruments Kontakt
Ibrido Favola

Custom designed interface
Open source WAV files
NKS with narration
Intelligent Purging System

Sampled Instruments

360 individual samples divided into 4 categories
- Ambiences
- Shorts
- Thematics
- Pads

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About Ibrido Zero

Hybrid Cinematic Sound Design

Sonokinetic introduces "Ibrido Favola", the second full release in the Sonokinetic Ibrido Sound Design product line. Ibrido Favola is a hybrid sound design tool, built from custom organic sound foley and samples from the Sonokinetic vault, and blended with state of the art signal generators and processors.

Ibrido Favola hosts four main categories: Ambiences, Shorts, Thematics & Pads. The material ranges from metallic transitions and simmering sizzles to long evolving ambiences and fairytale thematics. These provide a colorful background palette on which to build your cues and tracks. Although the sounds here are particularly tailored for fantastical enchantments and magical moments, Ibrido Favola is very versatile and will feel at home within many genres of film scoring.

This instrument will infuse your composing palette with a vast collection of innovative hand-crafted samples, produced by Mexican sound designer Juan Pablo Naranjo. In close collaboration with Juan Pablo, we created a unique and inspiring composing tool, adding advanced NKS functionality to make it work seamlessly with the Komplete Kontrol software and Native Instruments hardware controllers.

With a novel approach to handling and manipulating samples in our distinctive user interface, we aim to provide any musician or sound designer with maximum control over their sound, all while preserving the Sonokinetic user experience and workflow. Have a listen to the audio demos and check out our video tutorials to get a glimpse of the power behind this sound design treasure.

Quick Start Guide

Sonokinetic Ibrido Favola Quick Start

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Technical Overview

The Interface

Below is the main interface for Ibrido Favola. Almost every aspect of the instrument can be changed either by clicking on the appropriate part of the interface or using hardware dials via NKS mapping. The interface will look different depending if you have engaged Zen Mode or if you wish to Show All Controls.

Ibrido Favola GUI

Two Ways To Play - Zen Mode & Show All Controls

Ibrido Favola is an instrument for letting your creativity run wild and sometimes it helps not to have to think about too many controls. For this reason we’ve created two different ways to play: Zen Mode and Show All Controls. Clicking the legends at the bottom of the interface will switch between these play modes.

In Zen Mode all but the most vital controls will be hidden. Here you can still perform some of the most common functions of Ibrido Favola; choose phrases, randomize, set start position, key ranges and adjust play modes and looping.

Use the Show All Controls mode to gain access to the deeper controls of the instrument in addition to the Zen Mode controls; setting attack and release times, automation for volume, panning, pitch, reverb, oomph, delay, distortion, sparkle, cutoff and resonance.

Phrase Picker

Ibrido Favola can play up to 4 phrases simultaneously in 4 slots.

To add a slot / phrase or choose to replace an existing phrase click the + icon at the top left of each slot. This will open a phrase picker. Phrases are split into categories and sub-categories. Each phrase is shown in descriptive terms with its length shown in seconds in brackets after the phrase name. Press the play button to preview a short snippet of each phrase and click the phrase name to assign the phrase to a slot.

To remove a slot entirely just hit the - button at the top right of the slot.

Automation Tables

Only available in Show All Controls mode, the automation tables give precise control over how phrases play back using a variety of parameters. You can choose 4 different parameters for each instance of Ibrido Favola. Pick 4 from the following 10 parameters: volume, panning, pitch, reverb, oomph, delay, distortion, sparkle, cutoff and resonance.

Choose which parameter the tables modify by clicking the legends at the bottom of the interface or the cog on the left hand side:

You can draw freehand in the automation table as shown here - just use your mouse pointer.

It’s also possible to use the sliders at the right hand side of the interface to set levels, size, duration and offset of the automation shapes. This can be a huge time saver when you quickly want to create some smooth automation. Users of Komplete Kontrol hardware will find that these sliders are also mapped to the dials of your device.

Use the buttons shown here to cycle the automation shapes available and use CMD / CTRL + click to randomize.

To reset all automation for single slot, click the eraser icon.

Play Method

Play direction and method is controlled by the arrow icon at the right of each slot.

Forward, backwards and loop modes do exactly what you’d expect them to, playing the sample forwards, in reverse and looping respectively.

Pingpong mode will play the sample first forwards, then in reverse.

Release trigger will play the sample only on release of a key.

Forward (resume position) will play the sample forwards on a keypress. When the key is released the engine will pause playback of the sample until another key is pressed, where the sample will resume playback from the same position.

NB - In order to help with consistency in DAW playback when using forward (resume position) mode we have assigned a keyswitch at MIDI C7 to reset the playback position to default start position.

Looping Phrases

Set loop positions in Zen Mode ONLY. Drag in the upper part of the phrase waveform to set the end loop point. Drag in the lower part of the waveform to set the start loop point.

To reset the loop settings, click the eraser icon.

Start Position

The thin line underneath each slot represents the playback start position of the phrase. Drag the small arrow to adjust the start position.

Setting Key Ranges

The default key range for all slots is MIDI C-1 to B6. The key range for each slot can be adjusted easily. Simply click the legend and you’ll see waiting for note input displayed. Press two keys on the keyboard to define the upper and lower notes for the range. The keyboard colors will change to reflect your chosen note ranges.

To reset the key range click the eraser icon.

Attack And Release

Attack and release times for each performance can be set with the two sliders at the left hand side of each slot.

By default the attack and release times are linked together so that when you adjust one, all others adjust in the same way. Click the link / untick icon to change this behaviour enabling each slot to have different attack and release times set up.


The instrument comes complete with many different options for randomization. Roll your mouse over the IBRIDO Favola heading to see a pop-up of the most useful randomization functions.

Click the ‘R’ in IBRIDO to reset all modulation tables to default

CMD / CTRL + click ‘R’ will randomize all modulation tables

Click the ‘O’ in IBRIDO to randomize all phrases

CMD / CTRL + click ‘O’ will randomize all phrases and all modulation tables

Playing Ibrido Favola

The basic method of playing Ibrido Favola is to play on the key ranges indicated. These ranges will vary in color and trigger different phrases depending on which ranges you have set up. See page 12 for more details on this.

Note that due to the complex tonal nature of the material, the timbre and notes of a single performance will likely vary throughout playback of the phrase.

Use your keyboard’s MOD wheel to live play the volume of the instrument.

MOD Wheel

By default the MOD wheel of your MIDI keyboard will control the output volume of all of the pattern slots. Individual volume controls for each slot can be found within the Volume automation tables of the Show All Controls mode.

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