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A Magical full Orchestral Phrase-based Cinematic Sample Library

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33.900+ SAMPLES

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Instrument Patches

Native Instruments Kontakt
Chord and Melody Ambiences, Chord Patterns, Expressionist, Suspense, Chords, Cresc Chords, Sustained Chords, Inceptive Brass, Endings, Runs, Shocks & Stabs, Theme Park, Transitions

Sampled Instruments

Strings 52 players, Woodwinds 12 players, Percussion (piano and celesta included), Brass 11 players

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About Vivace

Music is magical. It knows a way to express every human feeling and emotion. There’s no language that compares to the communicative power of a musical motif. Vivace speaks the tongue of Fables, Myths and Sagas. Get on board and experience a sampling instrument like no other before and enrich your sound palette with exclusive musical colours.

We set out to match and then advance the full orchestral sampling line we began in 2011 with the ground-breaking and highly user-friendly composing tool, “Tutti”. Where that package brought us the dark side, “Vivace” guides us through a magical and mystical land of inspired symphonic cinematic orchestral effects, patterns, atmospheres and moods.

Vivace features tempo-synced tonal cues, each recorded in all 12 keys utilising our ITM (Intelligent tempo mapping) system so that every sample is automatically integrated perfectly into any arrangement. The pressure of tight deadlines always interferes with the creative process so we believe Vivace is an essential tool to keep orchestrating craftsmanship high in production schedules with tight deadlines and on demand client expectations.

Vivace is a dedicated performance sampling library that continues building the Sonokinetic legacy in original one-of-a-kind sampling tools for professional composers and sound designers. A vast collection with over 16,000 samples (32,000 total combination of 16 and 24 bit) propels this impressive library to new heights.

Sonokinetic is proud to set a new standard with this instrument that functions not only as a composer and sound designer’s tool but also as a learning environment: With Kontakt 5 we have upscaled the full score view to provide you with a better look under the hood and guide you through every step in full section score view.

Again, Sonokinetic sticks with its unbeatable pricing module and high quality sampling. This package is priced so competitively it really is hard to resist. We’re proud to present this instrument to composers of every level as Vivace comes shipped with the free Kontakt Player and appears integrated within the Kontakt Library panel.

Just as we have been inspired during the creation of Vivace, we hope you are moved by the sonic possibilities to blend new orchestral FX and colours like never before.

Technical Overview

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The Interface

The main Vivace UI consists of a virtual sound stage to the left, and a virtual stack of cue sheets to the right. You can change the orchestral section the cue is showing by clicking the respective icons on the 3D stage. The cue sheets on the right will show the notation for the last cue you played. You can click this stack of papers to view the scoresheet in more detail. To cycle through the 4 sections (strings, woodwinds, percussion & brass) click on the Section up/down arrows at the top and bottom of the cue sheet.

Along the bottom of the UI is a bar that allows you to configure various aspects of Vivace. Clicking the options down here will expand this bar and provide further configuration.

Keyboard Mapping

Toggle sample re-trigger

The default setting for Vivace patches which allow multiple keys is that both the upper blue keys and lower green keys will trigger a sample. This can be problematic when you wish to change the phrase and the root key simultaneously. To allow for this playing style we have provided two keyswitches on a low ‘G’ and low ‘A’ that when activated will turn on and off sample triggers for the root keys. The interface then becomes more intuitive for live playing with two-hands: where the left hand can cue up the root key and/or variation and the right hand can then trigger the particular phrase.

Below is the modified keyboard configuration for when toggle re-trigger is set to re-trigger “on”.

The Vivace Mixer

The LEVELS section of the configuration bar allows you to enable and disable individual channels on a cue-by-cue basis and adjust their respective levels. Click on the label above the slider to activate (in this case ‘STRINGS HIGH’ and ‘WOODWINDS’). Not all cues will include samples from all sections so experiment or check the cue sheets for further information about the orchestration. To select a cue, simply press its key to play it. The UI will update to reflect the last played cue.

Clicking the labels above the sliders toggles the 3 microphone channels on and off. Note that we have prevented you from toggling some channels simultaneously to prevent phasing. Selecting ‘TUTTI’ will always disable the other sliders to prevent phasing issues.

If you would like to manage the mixing levels on a global level you can click the GLOBAL button. Note that by default this button is depressed and your mixer setting will apply to all cues. When active, all mixer sliders appear and the settings you input will affect all cues played.

You can copy-paste mixer settings using the provided COPY/PASTE buttons. You can also reset to the default Tutti mix using the RESET button.


The OPTIONS section of the configuration bar allows you to configure various global options in Vivace. The EQ section allows you to tweak the levels of the low, low-mid, high-mid and high frequency levels. The REVERB option allows you to set wet/dry levels with an inbuilt convolution reverb. This is useful for auditioning how cues sound with reverb applied.

MAPPING MODE allows you to toggle the keyboard mapping for each section patch. By default this is set to ALL CUES. You can click to change this option to FAVOURITES.

The Cue Options

The configuration bar also contains two options related to cues. Let’s explore these a little:

Mark current cue as favourite

This option allows you to mark the last-played cue (the one currently shown in the score sheet UI) as a favourite cue. Favourite cues appear at the upper end of an 88 keyboard and are shown in the Kontakt keyboard as green keys.

You can think of favourites as shortcuts to your most-commonly used cues. Favourites are remembered when you save an NKI or save your project in your sequencer. The MAPPING MODE option previously mentioned allows you to map the instrument keyboard exclusively to your favourites.


Many of the cues recorded for Vivace include variations. These takes have alternative orchestration, dynamics and other subtle differences. The variations are assigned to red keyswitches and these are also be indicated by a checked box next to VARIATION in the UI (in this case variation 3 is selected)


Vivace is an unlocked Kontakt instrument which gives advanced users the opportunity to edit the performance of the instrument from within Kontakt.

Please note that the reverb impulse response and stereo spread are scripted within Kontakt and should not be altered by the user. To prevent phasing issues these settings will reset to default with every reload / reboot.

Vivace Conductor Scores

VIVACE – Conductor score content:

  • 1 Copy protected PDF file
  • 216 pages (A3 format)
  • Rehearsal marks and symbol index
  • 150 dpi resolution
  • Covers all cues from the “Vivace” library and for the tonal cues the score is in 3 keys.
  • Password to access the pdf file

This file has been locked. No copying options will be available. This score only contains the actual recorded keys for all phrases, C, Eb, Ab, Cm, Em and Am.

It is provided to you in the concert key (C) version.

This product is for educational purposes only and licensed to the buyer/user solely. A share of the revenue is going directly to the artists involved in this product.

Use your purchase email address to unlock the pdf file upon receipt.


Sonokinetic Orchestral Bundle



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