Sultan Drums


Bollywood with Sonokinetic - For this months focus feature we have asked Kaizad and Firoze Patel to create an awe inspiring Bollywood themed track. With Sultan Drums at the root of the composition, we’d like to invite you to have a listen to “The Rhythms Of Bollywood”

Without a doubt, touching one of these instruments is magical. There is energy in these drums that will instantly make you move. The individual & ensemble sounds instantly teleport you to a Nomadic desert setting, or to the heart of cities on the banks of the Nile or Bosporus.

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This is a collection we have been craving for and it completes a palette of Ethnic sounds to seamlessly integrate with our other instruments. Extending the Sonokinetic Ethnic sampling portfolio with a brand new instrument of Percussion Ensembles.

Sultan Drums ships with a user friendly and dedicated interface. It’s designed to work intuitively and give you quick access to this large collection of samples. As a composer you know what you need and we strive to bring it to you fast. With the philosophy of investing our resources in unique and authentic musical culture, we believe that we managed to create another one-of-a-kind with “Sultan Drums”.

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