Woodwinds Ensembles

Orchestral Series Woodwinds Ensembles

At Sonokinetic we have a reputation for doing things a little differently. Our multi-sampled orchestral series embodies how we feel multisampled instruments should work. Loading just a single Kontakt instrument per orchestral subsection, you can control all articulations from one octave of chained keyswitches. Combine this ease of use with the acclaimed Sonokinetic sound, and you get a collection of sublimely playable instruments that perfectly complements our phrase-based libraries.

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We aim to make it as easy as possible to achieve very realistic sounding results, so we made sure we did not edit out the inherent character of the recordings, and we built a very intuitive polyphonic legato engine to support them. The instruments are uncomplicated, logical and utterly playable, leaving you to focus on your creativity and forget about just about everything else. Listen to some of the works our team of composers created using Sonokinetic Woodwinds Ensembles and decide whether you need to carve out a space in your template for them - we think you might!

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