With this year's Halloween coming up pretty soon our Focus for this month is on several of our Atonal and thriller/horror type sample libraries: Espressivo, Tutti and Tutti Vox.

For this occasion, we created a 4-minute Focus Demo illustrating the power of these instruments named "The Clown" (yes, we know 'It':)

This will wrap up our "focus features' for this year.

We have a lot of things on the horizon for the coming months, so stay tuned for new instruments and our annual Holiday discount festival kicking off October 31st. For now, enjoy "The Clown"!

Learn here more about ESPRESSIVO, TUTTI or TUTTI VOX

Listen To Espressivo

Capturing the sound of shock and awe...
Many of our phrase-based libraries are conceived with a specific usage in mind... Maximo for intense action, Sotto for subtle scoring and Grosso for dramatic chases. The performances captured in these libraries have been put to use by our composer base in varied and surprising ways. For this reason we can't wait to hear what you create using our most intense library yet... "Espressivo".

The sounds of horror, terror and suspense are as old as cinema itself, from Herrmann's "Psycho" & "Vertigo" to Goldsmith's "Alien" & "The Omen".

These dissonant strings, stabbing brass sections, skittering percussion and aleatoric woodwinds are as synonymous to the genres, making our hair stand on end and forcing us to avert our eyes from the screen. Many other composers such as Karlheinz Stockhausen and Charles Ives have been our inspiration too, creating a palette of sounds which provide both inspiration and intimidation.

Learn here more about ESPRESSIVO, TUTTI or TUTTI VOX

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