Sleigh Bells

Snowy Summers

What better time of the year to focus on some ice cold snowy Sleigh Bells.

Most of you might be working hard on their new tracks to have them ready for this 2019 Holiday Season. So let’s focus with a great new demo by the Patels, on our wonderful Sleigh Bells I & II (from the AMS collection)

There’s no instrument that evokes the magic of the holiday season like sleigh bells. Ever since Santa kitted out Rudolph and his reindeer chums with these tinkling tiny chimes, the season has never been the same.

This instrument brings us right back to our childhood, waiting patiently in bed to hear the sounds of sleigh bells overhead - or maybe that’s just our imagination? We’ve sampled sleigh bells once before, but this new collection is hugely expanded, updated and completely re-recorded with new groupings of bells in all sorts of different sizes.

You can play everything from 6 bells, up to 100 on a single bell tree, which is a giant sound. Within the instrument there are multiple options for playing long and short shakes, clusters and even sequencing sleigh bell patterns.

Learn more about Sleigh Bells I
Learn more about Sleigh Bells II

Listen To our AMS Bells Demos

This comprehensive bells collection comprises four libraries: Bowls, Carillon, Chime and Sleigh Bells 2. All recorded in our bespoke AMS studio, these varied instruments shine when played together, with a cohesive tone to create one of the most musical and magic collections that we've ever recorded.

Our talented demo writers took inspiration from these four libraries to compose some of their very best cues, really bringing out the versatility and vitality of these bells instruments.

Learn more about Sleigh Bells I
Learn more about Sleigh Bells II

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