Capriccio Re-Scored

It’s been a few years since our Flagship sample library “Capriccio” set sail into the spotlight. With this bright summer month of August we’d like to put our focus on the sample library “Capriccio”. The adventurous sound of the String Orchestra, with full Brass and Woodwinds section are a true lust for the ear.

Capriccio also features a Percussion, Pitched Percussion and Runs Patch which makes this collection ideal for creating your Epic music come to life. Despite advancements in sampling technology, you simply can't beat the realism of live played phrases and orchestral patterns so our goal is to make these as playable as possible, like a real instrument, with the minimum of end-user programming.

Please watch our range of videos if you want to know more about Capriccio’s inner workings. There are many 'hidden' features that will enhance your user experience a great deal if you know how to use them.

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Listen To Capriccio

It can be really loud and awe-inspiring, or gently set the mood.

If you are familiar with our previous orchestral instrument 'Grosso', Capriccio's user interface should look quite familiar. The basic structure of the instrument is the same, using 4 presets each divided in 3 layers, but there are many innovations within Capriccio that will make working with this library even more intuitive and flexible. Highlights include the 'phrase offset' slider, separate volume setting for release tails and MIDI drag/drop from the score view in the interface, straight into your DAW.

Learn more about Capriccio

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