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New Grosso Demo DAWcast

This Focus Feature we are focusing on our Grandiose "Grosso" with special new demos and DAW casts showing the potential of this Sonokinetic unique phrase sampled full orchestral library.

With Grosso, Sonokinetic BV is changing the paradigm for orchestral phrase-based instruments… again! Before our Minimal library, the level of control, whilst retaining the authentic sound that live recordings bring to the party, was unheard of. We have gotten so much positive feedback on Minimal that a ‘sequel’ was unavoidable. Mere sequels is not what we do though at Sonokinetic, so if you look at what Grosso brings to the table, you will see an evolved entity that is a homo-sapiens to Minimal’s homo-erectus.

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Listen To Our New Demos

Our talented demo writers Kaizad & Firoze Patel took inspiration from this epic library to compose some of their very best work yet, really bringing out the versatility and vitality of this vast collection of orchestral ensembles and choir instruments available in “Grosso”

We have conceived this instrument from the ground up, using parts of the Minimal engine and reimagining many other things to accommodate for the added flexibility Grosso brings to the table. The main difference, apart from the obviously upbeat nature of the recorded material and the addition of a choir part and a taiko and non-melodic percussion section, is that we split out the orchestral sections into more parts. Strings and choir are split in low - mid - high, woodwinds and brass into low and high, percussion into taiko and more traditional orchestral percussion. All of these elements have been carefully composed to work well with all of the others, resulting in millions of possible combinations of sounds.

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