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Optimum Est Organum…..

Sonokinetic presents “Toccata”. The largest and most epic instrument of all!
This instrument will literary blow you out of your socks. Weighing over 1 ton, constructed from over 1500 pipes, it has inspired the best composers for centuries. From J.S Bach to H. Zimmer all composers have been captured by the sheer power and intoxicating volume and tone colours of the pipe organ. This collection of clean recorded pipe organ samples has been intensively tuned and tweaked and de-noised to the utmost extent. Now working like a Swiss watch, this instrument will give you a wide range of colouring options due to its ingenious programming of 20 registers for the Kontakt sampling engine. Recorded at the Bartholomeus Basilika in The Netherlands this library will bring the raw power of this massive pipe organ to your keyboard.

Sonokinetic has established a name in user-friendly, very affordable, high quality audio and unique original sample libraries. Sonokinetic pushes the limit to capture the depth of the pipe organ with a wide selection of easy to use single registers and mixtures.

We wish you the best inspiration and creativity.

What’s in this volume:

  • Core samples:  1 pipe organ. 20 registers  (sustains & release samples) + 4 IR samples
  • 1 multi instrument for Kontakt 4.2.4 with 3 tab screens – Main View, Convolution,  and a credits tab
  • Convolution reverb applied to the multi instrument to represent the original acoustic space.
  • 4 rooms available
  • Sonokinetic clickable IR sphere design knob
  • MIDI routing for three manuals
  • Keyswitches for activating single registers or tutti groups
  • 1750+ samples. (1,05 GB sample content)
  • 20  recorded pipe organ registers. The most commonly used registers for custom mixture  combinations:
  1. •Prinzipal 16′
  2. •Gedeckt 8′
  3. •Prinzipal 8′
  4. •Gemshorn 4′
  5. •Trompete 8′
  6. •Klarinet 4′
  7. Tutti registers
  8. •Holzgedeckt 8′
  9. •Prestant 4′
  10. •Holzrohrflöte 4′
  11. •Schwiegel 2′
  12. •Cymbel 1′ 3 st
  13. •Krummhorn 8′
  14. •Prinzipalbaß 16′
  15. •Violonbaß 16′
  16. •Subbaß 16′
  17. •Praestant 8′
  18. •Gedeckt 8′
  19. •Choralbaß 4′
  20. •Posaune 16′
  • Tutti register. Recorded with all registers opened. To Activate press the Tutti button on the Organ in the middle of the instrument main view tab or the sustain pedal.
  • Midirouting: To spread all registers over multiple keyboards the multi instrument has a midi routing system on top the instrument panels. “link to lower” adds the pedal registers to the keyboard. To access the pedal registers activate this button.
  • Each register has its own acoustically optimized release trigger for a perfect noise free realistic and authentic tone characterization.
  • 4 impulse responses: 24 bit wave format. Chapel, Basilika, Large Dome, and Mosque (From the Tigris & Euphrates Collection).
  • Custom designed interface.
  • Interface installers for Mac, PC and manual instructions.
  • Royalty and copyright free content license.
  • Toccata Reference document (PDF)
  • Register & Mixture Reference document (PDF)
  • Historical and Musical Origins , Reference (pdf). A historical view on fairground organs”.
  • Artwork : “Toccata” dvd cover. Designed by Pavel Fuksa
  • 5 Demos from JB Organ works.
Format: All files in 44.1 kHz , 16 Bit wave format.
Programmed for Kontakt 4.2 .4 >
Main view
- Green zones: Upper manual
-Cyan zones: Lower manual
-Yellow zones: Pedal registers (activate MIDI “Link to Lower”)
- Blue zones: organ samples
- White zones: Empty zones
MIDI routing: default, Lower manual registers only listen to MIDI channel 1 (in Kontakt, that is Port A, Channel 1, or shorter [A] 1). Upper manual registers only listen to MIDI channel 2 ([A] 2), and finally Pedal registers listen only to MIDI channel 3 or [A]3.
The multiscript enables the user to override that setup by setting up each manual to whichever channel fits to the user.
Tutti: Recorded separately with all registers open. This is no combination of registers. This button will bypass all registers when activated. To activate press the button “Tutti” in the middle of the main view or the sustain pedal.
Sonokinetic Impulse Sphere
All NKI patches have reverb applied to them by default. The convolution reverb can be bypassed when the amount is turned down to 0% by clicking on the left side “Wet Level” and sliding it down.
To keep the your custom setting please resave the patch. Next time when loaded it’ll load the custom settings. (Consider renaming to have a backup when needed).
Sphere in Action
Impulse Response selection: by pressing the IR sphere another of the four available rooms is activated.
Available IR’s
-Basilika: Main church centered stereo IR
-Chapel: Main Chapel centered stereo IR
-Large Dome: Largest dome marble mosque (from Tigris&Euphrates)
-Mosque: Mid size dome stone mosque (from the Tigris&Euphrates library)
Room Size slider:  This compresses or stretches the impulse response in time. Click & drag on the right side of the sphere to adjust the blue level bar.
Wet Level: Controls the level of the original and processed signals. 0% = bypass 100% = full signal. Click & drag on the left side of the sphere to adjust the blue level bar.

Audio examples:

Composed and performed with dedicated care and ear by professional musicians and composers.

Sonokinetic dedicates its formats to a select few formats. We take high standards in selecting what sampling software engines to program for and base these investments on usability , flexibility , stability and effective use of computing power. We are constant looking to evolve and ways to invest in more users friendly ways to make our libraries accessible for production and performing.
  • MAC & PC
  • Compatible with Kontakt 4.2.4 – Full version of Kontakt is required. ( This library is NOT compatible with Free Kontakt Player )
  • All files in 44.1 kHz, 16 Bit wave format
  • For more information or support please check our FAQ or support service
  • Available as DOWNLOAD ONLY also available on USB stick (express shipping)

When you purchase and download a product from our store your personal information and download-IP address will be logged to the unique download you have paid for and downloaded. The instrument patches and sample pool have been watermarked and linked to your provided paypal / credit card information and download-IP address. You do not have to register or enter a serial number…



Recordings from a late night at the Bartholomeus Basilica.
Haunting and Suspense samples.
Content: 14 samples , 48 kHz / 24 bit Total: 152 MB
Format: Kontakt 4.2.4



Recordings from a late night at the Bartholomeus Basilica.
Haunting and Suspense samples.
Content: 14 samples (10 to 50 sec.) , 48 kHz / 24 bit Total: 152 MB
Format: Kontakt 4.1

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