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We grew up with soundtracks like “Alien” by Jerry Goldsmith and Bernard Herrmann’s “Psycho”. Reaching to more recent composers, Michael Giacchino (Star Trek) and John Debney (Predators) are an inspiration for us as composers. It triggered a deep longing within us to create a tool series for scoring film in a way that just hadn’t been done before. Tutti opens a new world of rich cinematic orchestral sound and offers you a broad range of unique sounds with a character that is unmatched in richness and quality. What we did was create sections with full orchestral cues spanning 4 to 8 bars. Each cue was recorded in a staggering 5 positions and each of these positions is 100% available for editing in the effective Sonokinetic user interface.

This library includes full orchestral samples like: Long and short tension builders, sustained patterns, highly detailed textures in multiple styles and complexities, full orchestral hits and big smashes, chord bending, glissandi and crescendi. Each cue has been recorded in multiple takes and a selection of the best takes is available in this sample collection, providing the composer with a tool that has so much variety and editing possibilities inside that no sample from this collection will ever sound the same, thus preventing over-usage or the feel of recognition. A little tweaking in mic positions, or choosing a different take of a particular cue will result in a different sounding musical fx or phrase.

Something we are very proud to announce is the technical achievement to provide you with access to the uniquely created “Tutti” score by implementing it in the users interface. This will give you a straight gaze into the heart of this collection. It provides you with the extra option to select a particular sound or fx you are looking for by viewing its content, progression, dynamics, length and speed.

“Tutti” was recorded using a highly established and experienced cinematic symphonic orchestra with the best musicians, conductor, technicians and composers. We chose to include all orchestral sections, piano and celesta. Stopping our musician counter at 98.

Each cue was recorded in ‘tutti’ formation and we believe the best way to do this was by a live performance. With this came the incredible sounding hall that “Tutti” was recorded in. With a very warm, detailed and wide acoustic fingerprint this collection bears its own cine-score realism in space and sound. Though by providing different technical options for mic positioning, stereo imaging and volume control each sound quality can be adjusted and edited to fit your specific need to blend these samples with your composition.

Again Sonokinetic sticks with its unbeatable pricing module and high quality sampling. This is an absolute giveaway and hard to resist library.

We’re proud to release “Tutti” and let her spread the inspiration of the full orchestral fx and textures sound.

We try to push the limit to capture the magic of all music with a wide selection of easy to use symphonic instrumental samples.

We wish you the best inspiration and creativity.

With warm regards,

The Sonokinetic Tutti Production Team

  • 3 types of instrument patches:
    • Basic patches
      • Tutti Big Smash: full orchestral heavy hits and booms. For epic accentuations and endings
      • Tutti Cluster sustained textures with release: patterns and random musical chord/melody clusters. In a large variety of complexity and spheres. Sustained as long as the key is pressed.
      • Tutti Cluster textures with release: patterns and random musical chord/melody clusters. In a large variety of complexity and spheres. Sustained for 4 bars (80 to 120 BMP) with releases
      • Tutti FX Reverse: Transitions and tension building full orchestral phrases. Reversed in edit for a swoosh/swooping feel
      • Tutti Hits with stops: Full orchestral and sections hits. Random note choice with release and stop sound (damping with sustain)
      • Tutti Long textures: long extended textures with varying complexity and sections that combine patterns and musical fx in a single long performance.
    • Section patches
      • Tutti Glissandi clusters with cresc: Full orchestral dynamic buildups for climactic scenes and scene transitions. Large variety in dynamic ranges, sections, fx and phrases. Cluster chords and melodic complex improvisation dressing added to the overall dynamic buildup.
      • Tutti Long glissandi with cresc: Full orchestral dynamic buildups for climactic scenes and scene transitions. Large variety in dynamic ranges, sections, fx and phrases.
      • Tutti Long textures random bending: crescendo and diminuendo full orchestral dynamic phrases. ½ step and ¼ step chord/tone random section bending.
      • Tutti Random downward glissandi: Full orchestral dynamic downward glissandi. Large variety in dynamic ranges, sections, fx and phrases. Short cues. 2 to 4 bar phrases.
      • Tutti Tension builders A: Short cues with a variety of basic and complex full orchestral dynamic buildups. Primarily for epic coda composing
      • Tutti Tension builders B: cue extension for Tutti Tension builders A. Primarily for epic coda composing.
      • Short cues with a variety of basic and complex full orchestral dynamic buildups. Primarily for epic coda composing.
    • Xtra patches (bonus)
      • Arpeggio FX: 70 various chord and melodic large orchestral harp improvisation.
      • Arpeggio Picked: Full range large orchestral harp multi sampled picked single note samples.
      • Arpeggio Runs: Large orchestral harp whole scale and diminished scale runs.
      • Percussion FX: various orchestral percussion hits. Grand cassa, Tamtam, cymbals and anvil samples
      • Toccata FX: epic pipe organ random full register sound effect. Suspense and dramatic compositions.
  • 9 channels available for you to mix with. Pre-mixed ‘Tutti’ channel, Mic position channels and cue group channels. Mix Tutti specifically to your taste, per-cue.
  • Up to 5 takes recorded to give alternation and variation to your effects.
  • FX at your fingertips. Configure EQ and Stereo Modelling.
  • 2850+ samples. (full version samplepool 7,36 GB sample content)
  • Royalty and copyright free content license.
  • Tutti Reference manual (pdf).
  • Compositions by Piotr Musial
  • Artwork : “Tutti” dvd cover. Designed by Pavel FuksaProgramming : “Tutti” Kontakt script and instruments by Blake Robinson
  • Video tutorials. Hosted by Blake Robinson
    • Patch auditing. Each patch briefly reviewed.
    • Tutti Mixing: Levels and mic positioning
    • Tutti Options: fx and imaging

Format: All files in 48 kHz, 24bit aif format.

Programmed for Kontakt 4.2.2. & Compatible with Kontakt 5



The main Tutti UI consists of a virtual sound stage to the left, and a virtual stack of cue sheets to the right. You can change the orchestral section the cue is showing by clicking the respective icons on the 3D stage. The cue sheets on the right will show the notation for the last cue you played. You can click this stack of papers to view the scoresheet in more detail:


Along the bottom of the UI is a bar that allows you to configure various aspects of Tutti. Clicking the options down here will expand this bar and provide further configuration.


The LEVELS section of the configuration bar allows you to enable and disable individual channels on a cue-by-cue basis. Different cues have different sections available, so it’s worth investigating them. To select a cue, simply press its key to play it. The UI will update to reflect the last played cue.

Clicking the labels above the sliders toggles the microphone channel on and off. Note that we have prevented you from toggling some channels simultaneously to prevent phasing. For example, you cannot activate the ‘Tutti’ channel alongside Strings/Woodwinds.

If you would like to manage the mixing levels on a global level you can click the GLOBAL button. Note that by default this option is greyed out and mixing is per-cue. When active, all mixer sliders appear and the settings you input will affect all cues played.

You can copy-paste mixer settings using the provided COPY/PASTE buttons. You can also reset to the default Tutti mix using the RESET button.


The OPTIONS section of the configuration bar allows you to configure various global options in Tutti. The EQ section allows you to tweak the levels of the low, mid and high frequency levels. The MONO-STEREO option allows you to set the stereo width from completely mono to extended-wide stereo. You can hold shift to drag them more accurately and holding cmd /control while clicking them should reset them

MAPPING MODE allows you to toggle the keyboard mapping for each section patch. By default this is set to ALL CUES. You can click and drag up/down to change this option to FAVOURITES.


The configuration bar also contains two options related to cues. Let’s explore these a little:


This option allows you to mark the last-played cue (the one currently shown in the score sheet UI) as a favourite cue. Favourite cues appear at the end of an 88 keyboard and are shown in the Kontakt keyboard as green keys.

You can think of favourites as shortcuts to your most-commonly used cues. Favourites are remembered when you save an NKI or save your project in your sequencer. The MAPPING MODE option previously mentioned allows you to map the instrument keyboard exclusively to your favourites.


Almost all the cues recorded for Tutti include multiple takes. Some of these takes have slightly different dynamics or timing while others serve perfectly for round-robin hits.

You can configure which takes Tutti should play in two ways within the UI. The first is to toggle the TAKE BOXES on the configuration bar. Here are some examples to give you an idea of how this works:

4 takes are available – rotate through each of the 4 takes as your play the cue (round robin style)
3 takes are available – only play the third take
4 takes are available – only play the first, then third, then forth (configurable round robin).

You can also configure the takes using the keyswitches provided (see the red keys in Kontakt). For example, a cue that has 4 takes will have 5 keyswitches available:

Playing the first keyswitch, C, will toggle all cues to be active. Playing D will toggle only the first cue, E only the section, etc.

Sonokinetic dedicates its development attention to a select few formats. We carefully select which sampling software engines to program for and base these investments on usability, flexibility, stability and effective use of computing power. We are constant looking to evolve and for ways to invest in more user-friendly ways to make our libraries accessible for production and performance.


  • MAC & PC
  • Compatible with Kontakt 4.2.2 & Kontakt 5- Full version of Kontakt is required. (This library is NOT compatible with the Free Kontakt Player)
  • All files in 48kHz, 24bit aif format
  • For more information or support please check our FAQ or support service
  • Available as DOWNLOAD ONLY also available on USB stick (express shipping)

When you purchase and download a product from our store your personal information and download-IP address will be logged to the unique download you have paid for and downloaded. The instrument patches and sample pool have been watermarked and linked to your provided paypal / credit card information and download-IP address. You do not have to register or enter a serial number…

Audio DemosComposed and performed with dedicated care and ear by professional musicians and composers.

Computermusic Magazine – August 2011


Sound on Sound

English Summary:
We have to keep in mind that this library is what it is. Of course, is relatively flexible because of its pre-recorded patterns concept. However, we can´t deny that the “fixed” nature of the library is sorted out really well thanks to the perfect programming and inclusion of many options that will allow us to manipulate the pattern in many ways. With a little bit of patience, this library will offer us many of possibilities. If we keep in mind the concept of the library we have to score it with the highest mark possible, since the orchestra does a perfect job, the programming is awesome and the sound is

Sonokinetic Orchestral Bundle

Vivace – Conductor score

  • 1 Copy protected PDF file
  • 216 pages (A3 format)
  • Rehearsal marks and symbol index
  • 150pdi resolution
  • Covers all cues from the “Vivace” library and for the tonal cues the score is in 3 keys.
  • 1 serial number to access the pdf file
Tutti – Conductor score

  • 1 Copy protected PDF file
  • 57 pages (A4 format)
  • Rehearsal marks and symbol index
  • 150pdi resolution
  • 1 serial number to access the pdf file

This file has been locked. No copying options will be available.
There are no transpositions in this score. This score is only covering cues and fx in the key “C” and cues in Vivace are available in 3 keys

This product is for educational purposes only and licensed to the buy/user solely.

A share of the revenue is going directly to the artists involved in this product.

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