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Qanun Cover

Sonokinetic BV is proud to announce this library of a multisampled and performance sampled Qanun. This instrument complements our other Arabic instruments such as Ney and Kemence to build an ethnic ensemble. The Qanun has been played for centuries and feels right at home in our collection of deep sampled ethnic instruments and vocals.

The Qanun (also known as Qanoun and Kanun) is a dulcimer or zither-like instrument of 81 strings stretched over a frame and plucked with the fingers or picks. Its distinctive tone comes from the grouping of strings and levers which create the scales.

Our Qanun was recorded in Istanbul by our long-standing friend, expert engineer and composer Ceyda Pirali in high fidelity audio quality. The player is the renowned performer Gunay Celik who learnt his craft at the State Turkish Music Conservatory. He studied the playing styles and techniques for many years before becoming a master in 1992. He taught Qanun at university level and has played with the İstanbul University Ensemble and Ayangil Turkish Music Orchestra. His credits also include many performances with Turkish radio and television. Currently, Gunay is working at the State of Turkish Classical Music Ensemble. He has kindly agreed to allow us to capture his unique playing style with traditional songs and hundreds of improvisations.

For the multisampled playable instrument we have captured multiple round robins and velocity layers so that you can play the instrument chromatically. For the improvisations and songs, Sonokinetic Qanun features tempo-synced performances in root keys. These samples are wrapped in an intuitive interface which makes playing this instrument a pleasure. In addition, the convolution reverb creates an unparalleled ambience, evoking the spirit of Arabia.

Sonokinetic has established a name as one of the best value & quality sample producers and with this product we’d like to underline that statement. We stick with our unbeatable pricing module and high quality sampling.

Qanun Cover

  • 6.6 GB sample pool, 14934 samples
  • 3 playing styles:
    Multisampled, Songs and Improvisations
  • Tempo-synced performances, pitched to root key
  • ITM (Intelligent Time Machine) function for half and double time tempo-syncing
  • Kontakt 5 optimized “Time machine Pro” programming
  • Mod wheel phrase start control
  • Full sustains up to 10 seconds long
  • Multiple round robin samples
  • 1 realistic impulse response
  • Multiple velocity layers
  • Automatic RAM loading and purging
  • Custom designed interface
  • Open Kontakt format for complete user customisation (Kontakt 4.2.4 or 5 Full version only, NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player)
  • Royalty and copyright free content license
  • Qanun Reference document (PDF)

Artwork: “Qanun” DVD cover. Designed by Sonokinetic BV

All files in 44.1 kHz, 24 Bit NCW format.
Programmed for Kontakt 4.2.4 and Kontakt 5


The main UI for Qanun consists of several controls including selection for Songs, Improvisations and a Multi instrument. The interface also features stereo, reverb, and Time Machine controls.

Phrases and Playable Multi - Qanun
Phrases and Playable Multi

Choose either performance-sampled Songs, Improvisations or playable Multi by clicking the relevant legend in the right-hand side of the interface.

For Songs, the interface will change to display a choice of 10 different songs, their time signature and original BPM.

With Improvs, the interface will display a choice of 10 improvisations, named after their respective ‘Makam’ (eastern musical mode/scale).

Tempo Sync

Qanun features adaptive tempo-syncing which will lock the phrase playback to tempo, even if the host tempo is changing during playback.
In the full version of Kontakt 4 and 5 you will have alternative options for increasing the efficiency and quality of the time stretching. Be aware that this can come at the expense of system resources. For the best time stretching results we strongly advise using the Kontakt 5 patch within the full version of Kontakt 5.

Intelligent Time Machine (ITM)

The ITM function syncs samples to half-time or double-time when extreme tempo values are used. Click the hourglass icon to enable / disable this feature. You may prefer to have the ITM function turned off when using adaptive tempo-syncing functions previously mentioned, so that the samples do not suddenly switch to half or double-time when manipulating large tempo changes.

Intelligent Time Machine (ITM) - Qanun
Intelligent Time Machine (ITM) - Qanun

If the ITM function is disabled and you attempt a large change in tempo, which results in a significant loss of audio quality and playback, the hourglass will turn red as shown. We would strongly suggest that you enable the ITM function in this case.

Phrase Indicator - QanunPhrase Indicator

When composing, we find it particularly intuitive to see what length a current phrase would be. Since not all phrases are cut out with computer science in mind, they are more focused on musical and artistic expression, there’s a lot of variety in length and duration of a phrase. Hence the “Phrase Indicator” that shows you the remaining length by steadily following the phrase progression, filling the display with a blue hue from bottom to top as the phrase plays.

Impulse Response (IR) - QanunImpulse Response (IR)

Qanun comes preloaded with a convolution reverb sampled from an actual space to simulate a realistic playing environment. Adjust the amount of reverb added to the instrument by click-dragging on the Aladdin’s Lamp which will glow green with greater intensity with wetter reverb levels.

From the Kontakt configuration window you can adjust many aspects of the reverb including wet/dry levels, pre delay, dampening and width.

Microphone positioning and Stereo Field

The slider to the left of the interface can be used to mix the ambience of the playback. The bottom position uses close mono samples and the upper position uses stereo overhead microphones. Use the slider to mix between these two positions.

Purging and Disc Usage

To save on system resources and RAM, Qanun loads each set of samples as they are needed. Depending on your disc speed you may need to allow a few seconds for these to load once you select a new set of phrases or select a new root pitch.
Sample sets are purged if they are not currently being used.


Playable Multi instrument

This instrument can be played chromatically just like a regular piano. The blue keys indicate the playable range. Use the sustain pedal to hold notes. If you find that the sustained noise floor of very fast sustained playing is becoming too loud reduce the Max Voices number in Kontakt from the default 128. We would suggest 32 or less.

Songs and Improvisations

The songs and improvisation phrases can be played in different root keys and are all tempo-synced. Choose the root key of the phrase with the lowest red keys. The blue keys indicate the playable keys which trigger phrases. The green keys trigger ending notes for the phrases. When activated each ending note will trigger a single sample or harmonic ending to a phrase in the corresponding key.

Please note that the songs have been performed in specific keys so not all songs are available in all keys. To maintain sound quality we have limited the root keys to 2 semitones above and below the original key of each song.

There are 2 sample sets for each of the 10 different improvisations. One is recorded at 90 BPM and another at 120 BPM. The Qanun scripting will automatically choose the most appropriate improvisation samples according to your host project tempo.
Be aware that if you change the tempo of your composition then an alternative improvisation may be played. To remedy this we would suggest using the original .NCW samples instead and using your DAW’s time stretching function.

Mod wheel function

For songs and improvisations the mod wheel position controls the sample start point or the phrase. Push the mod wheel up to advance the start point of any triggered sample.

Audio Demos: Composed and performed with dedicated care and ear by professional musicians and composers.

Qanun Review

Qanun Review
Sonokinetic dedicates its development attention to a select few formats. We carefully select which sampling software engines to program for and base these investments on usability, flexibility, stability and effective use of computing power. We are constant looking to evolve and for ways to invest in more user-friendly ways to make our libraries accessible for production and performance.
  • MAC & PC
  • Compatible Kontakt 4.2.4 and Kontakt 5 (not compatible with the free Kontakt Player!)
  • To use Sonokinetic products you will need a full version of Kontakt 4 or Kontakt 5, sold separately by Native Instruments, unless stated otherwise in the compatibility tab for that specific product. This product is not compatible with the free Kontakt Player.
  • Format: 44.1 kHz, 24 Bit NCW format
  • For more information or support please check our FAQ or support service
  • Available as DOWNLOAD ONLY also available on USB stick (express shipping)

When you purchase and download a product from our store your personal information and download-IP address will be logged to the unique download you have paid for and downloaded. The instrument patches and sample pool have been watermarked and linked to your provided paypal / credit card information and download-IP address. You do not have to register or enter a serial number…

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