Sultan Strings

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DVDcover Sultan Strings box Arpeggio

These are String ensemble samples like you’ve never heard before. Distinctive, effective and with an ear for authenticity, Sonokinetic is proud to announce and present another genuine first in sampling history.

You’ll never find samples anywhere else that match the uniqueness, originality and authentic middle eastern style that is found in this massive collection of string ensemble performances. Impossible to recreate or compose with ordinary string sample-libraries or dedicated string library platforms, this collection focuses on live performances by one of the world’s best middle eastern string ensembles and royalty free custom composed arabian styled phrases.

3 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello make up this strong and convincing performance sampling string ensemble. With our usual dedicated care we approached this recording with a ‘digital’ composer’s mind and need. Working from the base up we created a diverse collection of phrases that would need to be widely usable in music compositions and large audio productions. So tempo syncing and a wide availability in all keys has been top priority in this production.

For each phrase we’ve also included an octaved overdub, mapped to the keyboard an octave higher than the original to easily layer them and make it a breeze to build the tension in your compositions and to instantly fatten the sound and expand your orchestra.

We’ve invested a massive amount of resources, professional skills and musical talent to create something very unique and usable for the modern day composer and producer. We’re convinced we’ve achieved our goal with this large sample pool and hands-on users interface. We also invested in multi-formats so the range of sampling possibilities is extended past the proven dedicated Kontakt format. Although we focus on the user interfaces of Native Instrument’s Kontakt format other core sample audio formats are available to fit every need and make this collection widely accessible for every producer and composer.

Sultan Strings will give your production the creative edge you’re always looking for and let it excell in originality and authenticity.

Sonokinetic has established a name as one of the best price value-quality sampling producers and with this we like to underline that statement. We stick with our unbeatable pricing module and high quality sampling. This is an absolutely give away and hard to resist performance strings library.

We’re proud to release “Sultan Strings” and let them spread the inspiration of middle- eastern string ensemble performances

DVDcover Sultan Strings box Arpeggio

  • Core samples: 16 instrument patch containing the following playing styles:
    • 50 tempo-synced 2 bar phrases with octaved overdubs
    • Tempo-synced runs (up and down)
    • Sustains (with dynamic crossfading to vibrato)
    • Tremolos
    • Trills
    • Glissandi
  • Single instrument for Kontakt 4.2 and higher with 4 panels – Main, IR, EQ & Credits
  • 4x EXS24 patches for phrases and multi sampled collections.
    • Light version for phrases (for quicker loading and less strain on RAM)
  • 4x Halion patches (phrases and multi samples)
  • Apple Loop format (all phrases temposynced)
  • Tempo-synced runs (Up, Down and Up-Down)
  • Convolution reverb applied to the multi instrument to represent the original acoustic space.
  • Sonokinetic IR space design knob to allow dynamic assignment and configuration of the convolution effects.
  • Dynamic sample loading & purging for efficient memory usage.
  • Customisable keyswitching system to allow command of articulations in your compositions.
  • Visual representation of current key when playing phrases
  • 5500+ samples. (5,33 GB sample content) (exl apple loops, 11.000 samples total, 10,25 GB total)

Articulation Selector

Sultan Strings ArticulationFor your convenience, Sultan Strings contains all the articulations you could ever need in a single NKI instrument. You can switch between the different playing styles either by clicking its name from the MAIN panel, or by pressing its respective keyswitch on your MIDI controller.

The keyswitches default to the lowest octave on an 88 key keyboard. However, the instrument can be completely customized to suit your needs and keyswitches can be reassigned. Simply click the respective articulation’s key in the column and it will change to a ‘!’ symbol and flash. You can now play a key on your keyboard and the keyswitch will assign to it. You can use this configuration method to suit the instrument to your needs.

Phrases and Tempo syncing

Sultan Strings phrases and Tempo syncingSultan strings was sampled to take advantage of Kontakt’s ability to synchronise samples to your sequencer’s tempo. You can configure this aspect on the right of the instrument’s main panel.

LOOP PHRASES allows you to specify the timing with which to repeat phrases when holding down a key. It defualts to 8/4 (a loop will play every 8 bars). It can be configured to 12 or 16 bars.

TEMPO SYNCING enables and disables the syncronosation script. When it is disabled, you can pick a custom BPM using the drop down underneath.

1 x HOST BPM allows you to configure how the tempo syncing scales to your sequencer’s BPM. For example, 1/2 HOST BPM will result in a run being 2 bars in length. 2 x HOST BPM results in a bar being 1/2 bar in length.
Sultan Strings IR


Sultan Strings ships with three IR convolution spaces built in. This can be configured on the IR panel of the instrument. A visual representation of the space appears on the left. You can change between three spaces by clicking their name underneath the picture.

You can also configure the wetness and room size of the convolution and finally toggle whether it is bypassed.


The EQ panel allows you to shape the instrument. You are able to easily configure the frequencies, bandwidths and gains as required. Values will appear as you drag sliders.
Sultan Strings EQ
You can also completely bypass EQ.

  • 3 impulse responses with configurable parameters: 16 bit wave format.
  • Royalty and copyright free content license.
  • Sultan Strings Reference manual (pdf).
  • Artwork : “Sultan Strings” dvd cover. Designed by Pavel Fuksa
  • Programming : “Sultan Strings” Kontakt script by Blake Robinson


All files in 44.1 kHz , 16 Bit wave format. (looped)

Programmed for Kontakt 4.2.

Kontakt patch example and detailed explanation


  • PHRASES(…): Looped, tempo-synced phrases
  • RUNS (…): Tempo synced runs both upwards and downwards
  • SUSTAIN: Looped sustains featuring multiple dynamics and configurable vibrato
  • TREMOLOS: Looped tremolos
  • TRILLS: One shot trills
  • GLISSANDI: Glissandi


  • PLAY: Click this to change to this articulation.
  • LOAD: Click this to toggle if this articulation is loaded to memory. You can unloadarticulations not used to save memory.
  • KS: The keyswitch used to activate this articulation. You can change this by clicking the key label and pressing a key on your keyboard while it is flashing.


  • SUSTAIN DYNAMICS: Toggle whether or not dynamics are controlled manually. You can customize which CC control dynamics by right clicking below, choosing ‘Learn MIDI CC# automation’ and moving the desired slider or knob on your controller.
  • SUSTAIN RELEASE: Toggle whether sustain samples have release notes.
  • TEMPO SYNCING: Toggle whether the phrase and runs are tempo synced. Click this to change it. When on, phrases and runs will be stretched to fit your sequencer’s tempo.
  • 1 X HOST BPM: Allows you to configure how the tempo syncing scales to your sequencer’s BPM. It can be changed by clicking.
  • LOOP PHRASES EVERY 8/4 : Toggle how often phrase should loop when you hold down a note.

Sonokinetic ® IR space

Sonokinetic ® IR space

All NKI patches have reverb applied to them by default. The convolution reverb can be bypassed using the BYPASS IR option on the IR panel.

To keep the your custom setting please resave the patch. Next time when loaded it’ll load the custom settings. (Consider renaming to have a backup when needed).

Impulse Response selection: by clicking the names under the picture you can switch between three available spaces.

Available IR’s

  • Harem Room
  • Sultan Palace Dome
  • Sultan Palace Hall

WETNESS: Controls the level of the original and processed signals. 0% = bypass

100% = full signal. Click & drag to adjust the bar.

ROOM SIZE: Increase or decrease the size of the hall. Click & drag to adjust the bar.

Audio examples:

Composed and performed with dedicated care and ear by professional musicians and composers.

Sonokinetic dedicates its formats to a select few formats. We take high standards in selecting what sampling software engines to program for and base these investments on usability , flexibility , stability and effective use of computing power. We are constant looking to evolve and ways to invest in more users friendly ways to make our libraries accessible for production and performing.
  • MAC & PC
  • Compatible with Kontakt 4.2- Full version of Kontakt is required. (This library is NOT compatible with Free Kontakt Player)
  • EXS24 (>Logic 9.1)
  • Steinberg Halion
  • Apple Loops pool separately provided in download (contains all the phrases)
  • All files in 44.1 kHz , 16 Bit wave format. (looped)
  • For more information or support please check our FAQ or support service
  • Available as DOWNLOAD ONLY also available on USB stick (express shipping)

When you purchase and download a product from our store your personal information and download-IP address will be logged to the unique download you have paid for and downloaded. The instrument patches and sample pool have been watermarked and linked to your provided paypal / credit card information and download-IP address. You do not have to register or enter a serial number…

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