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Traditional Turkish (Kurdish) Female vocalist

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About Rojin

We didn’t think we could make this happen and have been working behind the scenes for six months to get it all set up and ready to start producing. So with some excitement we are ready to present to you: “Rojin”

A traditional Kurdish vocal performance by Rojin Ülke which will give you some serious musical muscle and bring a voice to your music like you haven’t heard before. Her vocal range is so impressive that we felt like kids in a candy store with Rojin in our studio. So we sat down and created this very unique and versatile sound collection and built it into our successful structured virtual instrument environment. And so bringing another collection to our “Vocal Signature sampling line”.

The proven concept of vocal performances based on copyright free songs, improvisations, in all keys and multiple speeds combined with cinematic vocal fx like poems, shouts, whispers and much more, is now crammed into just one instrument patch.

This sample library features an alto – soprano voice, using traditional Kurdish melodic phrasing. Improvisations make up a large portion of this collection and are based on the same principles as the traditional copyright free songs but this time with a cinematic approach. This collection consists of hundreds of unique and authentic melodic phrases, improvisations and spoken words. As far as tradition goes, Sonokinetic keeps its tradition alive by providing you with word-by-word translations, with lots of traditional texts translated to English for the first time.

This is the second volume we release in the “Vocal Signature Sampling Line” and with that we feel we set the mark to beat. Sonokinetic specializes in cinematic soundscapes filled with rich cultural diversity and with much respect for historic musical heritage. Yemenite, Rojin and Aliye are a trinity to recon with and we hope to inspire composers and producers to colour their musical creations with this highly exclusive sound material.

So again we feel we prove the significance of a well-performed musical idiom, high-end technical recording, craftsmanship of user interface and a stellar sample library with an all-new shiny product like “Rojin”

We are proud to put our badge on this and hope you’ll enjoy another vocal performance in the top-notch ethnic sample line by Sonokinetic

Technical Overview

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The Interface

The main Rojin GUI consists of an instrument group selector on the left, a sample behavior control in the middle, and a performance control unit at the right.

Vocal performance Selector: is a section in which you select a specific voice performance by clicking the button. By default we saved the instrument to load the “Songs” patch. It purges only the samples that are needed for the part of the instrument you choose to use. Songs are based on traditional Kurdish songs, selected for their text content and complementary character for cinematic use. Improvisations are delved from hours of creative inspired chanting and filled with decennia of musical cultural heritage of the cantor. Poems and fx fill this collection with creative vocal sounds and fx of spoken words and typical very usable voice performances like whispering, hissing, shouting, calling and praying.

For the songs we designed a Song Selector (picture right) option. When a harmonic key is chosen by pressing the corresponding keyswitch (Red: see keyboard explanation) the box displays the available songs for that particular key by displaying a group of switches in the main instrument panel. The amount of songs available in each key differs, due to the limitation of the singer’s vocal range and the setting of the songs. The amount will vary between 2 to 7 available songs in any key. The number indicates which of the 10 songs is available for each switch. You can select a song by either clicking its switch in the interface or pressing one of the keys marked green on the Kontakt keyboard.

When you select one of these switches a message will appear in the activity monitor on the leftmost bottom corner of Kontakt, displaying the name of the song linked to that switch in that key, allowing you to look up the translations for the song. Translations are found in the 2.additionals/documents/translations folder.

Harmonic Key and Time
The Rojin collection spans the full harmonic range and supports all tempi from 30 to 300 BPM. When a harmonic key is chosen by a key switch (red on keyboard) it displays this in the box at the top left of the ‘wave orb’. Below that the tempo, set by the host (DAW or Kontakt Stand alone) is displayed.

Wave Orb
Taken from the concept we introduced in the Tigris & Euphrates IR sphere we developed a new way to display the length of a phrase. We found it particularly intuitive when composing, to see what length a phrase would be. Since not all phrases are cut out with computer science in mind, they are more focused on musical and artistic expression, there’s a lot of variety in length and duration of a phrase. Hence the “Wave orb” that shows you the remaining length by steadily following the phrase progression, filling the sphere with a transparent ‘hour glass’ like substance.

Keyboard mapping:

  1. Red keys are key switches to select a harmonic key (for Songs and Improvisations). They range from C to B. The yellow key displays the activated key switch.For Poems the red keys let you select a different poem. And in FX it toggles between different types of vocal sound effects.
  2. Cyan keys are used to switch between songs available in the selected harmonic key, the currently active switch will be displayed in green. When any other mode than ‘Song’ is selected, these are not needed and will disappear.
  3. Blue keys mark the available amount of phrases per song, per harmonic key.
  4. The blue keys at the end of the keyboard will trigger phrase endings. (There are actually 6 different endings for each song or improvisation, which are mapped chromatically to the keyboard. From these, the first 4 are also used by the auto-ending function, the last 2 endings are longer endings, which can only be triggered manually by pressing the assigned key)


In Memory of E

About the artist

Rojin Ülke is one of the best vocal performer and artistic translator of the traditional Kurdish musical culture. We are in awe of her talent and appearance. Please spread your joy or devotion for this amazing performance at:


  • Albums
    • Ya hep ya hiç (2000)
    • Sî (2003)
    • Jan/Sızı (2005)
    • Deq/Dövme (2008)
  • Film
    • Dava/Doz (yön.: Gani Rüzgar Şavata, 2001; Zeynep Öğretmen/Mamoste Zeyneb rolünde)
    • Dol (yön.: Hiner Saleem, 2007; Irak askerlerince kaçırılmış Kürt kızı Jekaf rolünde)
    • Pazar: Bir Ticaret Masalı/The Market: A Tale of Trade (yön.: Ben Hopkins, 2008; şarkıcı rolünde)

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