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This instrument has been around for centuries. It is, without a doubt, one of the first instruments crafted by human beings. Built as an instrument to inspire and devote people to their God, this is one of the truly mystical instruments. It’s sounds will teleport you to ancient times, to the cradle of the first civilizations where music was part of the ‘divine’.

This library spans history like none other we’ve produced and the ‘Nevel Harp’, with its original and authentic sound, compliments the Sonokinetic libraries collection and becomes a perfect addition to our musical heritage instruments.

The Nevel harp has been recorded by Sonokinetic using our state of the art resources to capture it in every sense. Multiple velocities, Round Robins, Runs, Tuning options, FX and a Sonokinetic signature Kontakt instrument users interface.

Sonokinetic has established a name as one of the best value & quality sample producers and with this product we like to underline that statement. We stick with our unbeatable pricing module and high quality sampling. This is an absolutely give away and hard to resist performance of an authentic ancient Harp library.
We’re proud to release “Nevel” and let it spread the inspiration of the Nevel Harp

  • 1.2 GB sample pool, 600+ samples
  • Chromatic and Historical biblical tuning
  • 4 Articulations selectable from UI or keyswitch:
    plucked, fingered, tempo-synced runs and FX
  • 3 band EQ adjustment
  • Custom Impulse Response reverb setting with adjustable size and wet/dry
  • Multiple velocity layers (up to 9 for each string)
  • 3 x Round Robin
  • Sample envelope controls – attack, delay & release
  • Custom designed interface
  • Programmed by Blake Robinson
  • Open Kontakt format for complete user customisation
  • Royalty and copyright free content license
  • Nevel Reference document (PDF)

Artwork: “Nevel” DVD cover. Designed by Pavel Fuksa

All files in 44.1 kHz, 24 Bit AIFF format.
Programmed for Kontakt 4.2.4 and higher (full version, not compatible with the Kontakt Player!)


The main UI for Nevel Harp consists of controls for EQ, Envelope & Reverb controls on the left. There are also 4 switches on the UI for selecting different articulations; either fingered, plucked, tempo-synced runs or FX. These articulations can also be selected with the 4 keyswitches at the very bottom of the keyboard from C2 to D#2.


Turn EQ controls on / off with the button on the left and hold the left mouse button to adjust the LOW, MID & HIGH dials to taste. Default frequencies are 250Hz, 1.4kHz & 7.5kHz but these can be easily adjusted by opening the Kontakt instrument editor and changing the frequencies in the Insert Effects panel.

Sample Envelope (ADR)

These control sliders can be used to adjust the natural attack, decay and release of the Nevel Harp. Switch this function on / off with the button on the left.

Impulse Response (IR)

Nevel Harp comes with a bespoke reverb to simulate a realistic playing environment. Turn this on / off with the button on the left. Adjust the start point of the reverb tail with the ‘size’ dial and the amount of reverb with the ‘wet-dry’ dial. You can further customize or replace the IR within the Kontakt instrument editor Insert Effects panel.

Biblical and Chromatic scales

The Nevel Harp can be set to play two alternative scales, either Biblical or Chromatic, selectable from either the switch at the bottom of the interface or keyswitches F2 / G2. The Chromatic scale enables you to play all semitones from E4 to the F#5 an octave higher. Historically the Nevel Harp has been tuned to a ‘Biblical’ scale which offers a more authentic scale but with limited scope for traditional orchestration. Only the keys available to play will be highlighted on the keyboard in white:

Chromatic Scale:

Biblical Scale:


We have included a full selection of tempo-synced runs in all keys, major and minor. Select these from the UI or with keyswitch D2 and the useable keys will be highlighted in green, yellow and blue:

Green = major chromatic scale
Yellow = minor chromatic scale
Blue = biblical scale

Press the root key of your chosen scale (for example green F for F major chromatic) and an appropriately scaled run will be triggered. The MOD wheel controls the speed of the run. Pull down for ½ speed and push up for normal speed.


There are a wide range of FX samples to choose from including unusual playing styles using the strings and tapping / hitting the taught skin of the Nevel Harp as a percussion instrument. Select these from the UI or with the keyswitch and the usable keys will be highlighted in white.

Audio Demos Composed and performed with dedicated care and ear by professional musicians and composers.

Sonokinetic dedicates its development attention to a select few formats. We carefully select which sampling software engines to program for and base these investments on usability, flexibility, stability and effective use of computing power. We are constant looking to evolve and for ways to invest in more user-friendly ways to make our libraries accessible for production and performance.
  • MAC & PC
  • Compatible Kontakt 4.2.4 and higher (full version, not compatible with the Kontakt Player!)
  • Format: 44.1 kHz, 24 Bit AIFF format
  • For more information or support please check our FAQ or support service
  • Available as DOWNLOAD ONLY also available on USB stick (express shipping)

When you purchase and download a product from our store your personal information and download-IP address will be logged to the unique download you have paid for and downloaded. The instrument patches and sample pool have been watermarked and linked to your provided paypal / credit card information and download-IP address. You do not have to register or enter a serial number…

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VAT is only applicable for Euro clients without a VAT registration number

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